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Sharing expertise, commentary and our clients’ successes to drive the new era of healthcare technology

3 ways Altera’s Platform of Health will meet the security needs of the future

As a security professional I’m sometimes accused of being “the boy who cried wolf,” but if my colleagues saw the…

Reimagining the revenue cycle with robotic process automation

Today’s healthcare organizations are vetting and implementing digital solutions that were once seen as pipe dreams, from artificial intelligence (AI)…

Optimising patient safety and efficiency through closed-loop medication administration

More than 237M medication errors [1] are made every year across England. The harm caused by these errors at any…

Mitigating patient risk at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital

Client Story Mitigating patient risk at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Published 11/22/2022 A recent study shows that “definitely avoidable”…

Preparing for the triple threat: COVID, flu and RSV

While COVID-19 ravaged the world over the last two years, another virus quietly crept into relative dormancy. Influenza, better known…

A physician’s perspective: Co-creating for the Platform of Health

At Altera Digital Health, we follow a Human-Centered Design (HCD) methodology known as “co-creates,” created by Chief Experience Officer Jenna…

2022 Midterm Elections: What Do They Signal for Healthcare?

As of this writing, control of the U.S. House of Representatives after the midterm elections is unclear but leans Republican.…

Are we turning the corner on monkeypox?

Monkeypox is endemic in a dozen central and west African countries, and it has been identified in several non-endemic countries…

Changing EHRs from the inside out with containerized services

Looking back, the widespread adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) in the United States was a considerable feat. In 2009,…

Downtime: What does it cost the NHS?

The cost of NHS IT downtime is significant. Doctors and nurses rely on having access to systems and information to…

Streamlining inpatient admission at Singapore General Hospital

Managing limited resources is a constant pressure for hospitals around the world. Singapore General Hospital (SGH) is no different, as…

Streamlining inpatient admission at Singapore General Hospital

Client Story Streamlining inpatient admission at Singapore General Hospital Published 11/01/2022 Singapore General Hospital (SGH) is the first established and…

Why our clients love partnering with us

Together with our clients, Altera experts partner to achieve desired outcomes and change what’s possible.

Entering a partnership is a matter of trust. With Altera, I feel confident in their ability to get the job done. I don’t have to think of interactions as a negotiation—and I love that.

David Higginson
EVP, CAO and CIO, Phoenix Children’s Hospital

I think one of the things that I like best about working with Altera is the really personalized care we get.

Rommel M Tolentino M.D.
Physician Lead, Community Care Physicians, PC

We can really work with Altera to solve issues when they come up…We still have input with the solution, and our input is valued.

Suzann Bridge
Systems Analyst Expert, UPMC

Altera is, by far, our strongest vendor relationship. With them, we have a partner in all we do.

Jeff St. Clair
CEO, Springhill Medical Center

Altera has great people who are doing their best to improve in an environment that’s always changing.

Stephen Nuckolls
Chief Executive Officer, Coastal Carolina Heatlh Care, P.A.

Altera really listens to clients, and that’s important in a technology partner.

Gloria Lockett
Perioperative Administrative Consultant, Trinitas Regional Medical Center

With other vendors, once they sell you the product, it’s hard to get people to help you. But that’s not the case with [Altera]…they’re here to give pointers when we need them.

Bill Schmitt
System Administrator, Health Central Hospital

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