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Strategic partnership that drives real results.

Altera Managed Services.


Organizations today are trying to achieve strategic initiatives, but that’s a challenge with limited skilled resources, fragmented solutions and expensive third-party contractors to support their environment. Those organizations need a healthcare IT partner to help them support their infrastructure, applications, project delivery and strategic leadership and planning. That’s Altera Digital Health Managed Services.

With Altera, we can help you:

What are Managed Services?

Featured insights

Graphical representation of overcoming NHS barriers.
Overcoming barriers: The remaining 10% of NHS trusts and EPR adoption

NHS England recently announced that it has successfully achieved the Government’s target of 90% of trusts adopting electronic patient records…

Driving better workflows with Sunrise: A look at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Find out more about how Sunrise EPR is elevating healthcare and patient safety at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

hand holding a mobile phone
Living in a mobile world: Detailed patient data on-the-go

Now more than ever, there is a distinct need for mobile, convenient access to integrated patient-centric records. The delay in…

Doctor and patient
How EPRs are crucial to patient safety

As World Patient Safety Day 2023 approaches on 17 September, we at Altera Digital Health recognise the crucial role patients,…

Achieving interoperability by connecting EHR systems and harmonizing data: The dbMotion Solution at PIH Health

dbMotion integrates and harmonizes data from multiple systems and connects to the Carequality network, enabling clinicians to make better informed

From severe storms to malware: The value of the cloud in emergency situations

Editor’s note: After recent events in Maui and southern California, we are publishing an updated version of this blog (originally…

Graphical representation of Electronic patient record (EPR) implementation
Insights from a digital health leader: How can an EPR be implemented in just a few months?

Electronic patient records (EPRs) are critical tools within modern healthcare delivery and are essential in supporting the recovery and sustainability…

Graphical representation of electronic patient record (EPR) deployment.
Four reasons why you don’t need to take a big bang approach to EPR deployment

It is well known that the implementation of Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems is crucial for ensuring NHS trusts meet…

Sunrise™ KBMA: Providing peace of mind

After using the same medication barcoding system since 2006, leaders at Washington Health System decided to upgrade to Sunrise™ KBMA.

Graphical representation of financial stability and interoperability.
If you think interoperability and finances aren’t intertwined, think again

It would be an understatement to say healthcare organisations’ finances have taken a real hit over the last few years.…

Celebrating a Successful Implementation of SDRM Phase 1

When Hospital for Special Care (HFSC) leaders needed a new record manager solution, they chose Sunrise™ Digital Record Manager (SDRM).

Implementing Pediatric Oncology Protocols in Sunrise EHR

Altera Managed Services and the IT staff at Phoenix Children’s Hospital implemented chemotherapy protocols in Sunrise™ Acute Care to…

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