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Altera Managed Services.

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Organizations today are trying to achieve strategic initiatives, but that’s a challenge with limited skilled resources, fragmented solutions and expensive third-party contractors to support their environment. Those organizations need a healthcare IT partner to help them support their infrastructure, applications, project delivery and strategic leadership and planning. That’s Altera Digital Health Managed Services.

With Altera, we can help you:

What are Managed Services?

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Reimagining the revenue cycle with robotic process automation

Today’s healthcare organizations are vetting and implementing digital solutions that were once seen as pipe dreams, from artificial intelligence (AI)…

Optimising patient safety and efficiency through closed-loop medication administration

More than 237M medication errors [1] are made every year across England. The harm caused by these errors at any…

Mitigating patient risk at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital

Client Story Mitigating patient risk at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital A recent study shows that “definitely avoidable” medication errors…

Changing EHRs from the inside out with containerized services

Looking back, the widespread adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) in the United States was a considerable feat. In 2009,…

Downtime: What does it cost the NHS?

The cost of NHS IT downtime is significant. Doctors and nurses rely on having access to systems and information to…

Streamlining inpatient admission at Singapore General Hospital

Managing limited resources is a constant pressure for hospitals around the world. Singapore General Hospital (SGH) is no different, as…

Streamlining inpatient admission at Singapore General Hospital

Client Story Streamlining inpatient admission at Singapore General Hospital Singapore General Hospital (SGH) is the first established and largest hospital…

A mutually beneficial partnership: PIH and Managed Services

Since 2004, the Altera Managed Services team has been partnered with PIH Health (Whittier, CA) by helping them to achieve…

The importance of syndromic surveillance across Victoria

After more than 20 years working within the health IT space, my heart still sings when discussions turn to Emergency…

Facing the future with FHIR R4

For at least a decade, one of the major complaints in our industry is that while every EHR holds a…

Vaccine verification: Saving lives and communities from vaccine-preventable diseases

For the first time in nearly 10 years, polio has been detected in the U.S. The virus was found in…

Product versus platform: What’s the difference?

In the most recent state of healthcare report from HIMSS, 99% of U.S.-based health system leaders and 95% of their…

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