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Fully integrated solutions that help strengthen revenue streams and drive growth.


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Ventus is a portfolio of robust, fully integrated solutions including revenue cycle, enterprise master patient index, surgery and scheduling, Intelligent Coding and Integrated Patient Record. Ventus is positioned for growth as it aligns closely with Altera Digital Health’s vision. Its mission is to provide the Ventus Client Experience driven through collaboration to ensure continued client success, world-class support and value-added services. Ventus continues enhancing its portfolio of products in the market while leveraging deep client relationships to secure existing revenue streams and drive growth of the Ventus suite of solutions.

Revenue Cycle Solutions:

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Featured insights

Graphical representation of overcoming NHS barriers.
Overcoming barriers: The remaining 10% of NHS trusts and EPR adoption

NHS England recently announced that it has successfully achieved the Government’s target of 90% of trusts adopting electronic patient records…

Graphical representation of doctor/clinician leaving money on the table.
Are you missing out on lost revenue?

If you’re a regular reader of the Altera blog, you’ll know that we often cover financial problems in healthcare. From…

Mark Bruno discusses Paragon's successes in 2023 and his new role as EVP of the Paragon business unit.
Turning the page on 2023: Paragon’s big year

This year’s holiday season is officially here, which for many of us means a flurry of social engagements, shopping trips…

Cristina Ortenzi speaks about why to attend the Harris Customer Training Conference 2023.
HCTC: The value of partnership and knowledge-sharing

As Altera experts (and I) prepare to attend the Harris Customer Training Conference (HCTC) happening December 5–7, 2023, I’ve been…

Altera Leadership speaks about why to attend the Harris Customer Training Conference 2023.
Attending HCTC: A conversation with Altera leadership

Editor’s note: HCTC is for Altera and other Harris clients only. The Harris Customer Training Conference (HCTC) is an annual…

Healthcare providers using mobile devices with robotic hands in the background.
Stop clicking. Start using generative AI.

It’s nearly impossible to go a week without catching a story online or in the news about generative artificial intelligence…

graphical representation of EPR implementation and scaling up.
How can we create a more sustainable NHS with cost-effective, proven and clinically led EPRs?

In 2023, the NHS celebrated 75 years, but can we be sure it’ll be there for us when it reaches…

a graphical representation of cybersecurity and its financial implications
Cybersecurity and the bottom line

In 2023, the digital health of an organization is paramount in its pursuit of successful outcomes. More than ever before,…

Nurse and doctor at patient bedside
Prioritizing client satisfaction: UAB Huntsville thrives with help from Altera Managed Services

Discover how UAB Huntsville, in partnership with Altera Managed Services, elevated its healthcare technology and streamlined operations.

A healthcare provider examines a document on a mobile device. A gavel is in the foreground and a scale is in the background.
Five regulatory facets we’re focused on

When I first started working in health IT, we had to explain what an EHR was to anyone we spoke…

A graphical representation of a phased EHR/EPR implementation.
Empowering the NHS: How to procure an EPR using local budgets

The National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom is one of the most cherished and respected institutions around the…

Nurse smiling at patient and taking vitals
Upgrading with ease: A Coastal Carolina Healthcare and Altera story

Discover how Coastal Carolina Healthcare (CCHC) achieved seamless TouchWorks® EHR 22.1 upgrade success with Altera Digital Health’s support.

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