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Paragon Denali

Introducing Paragon® Denali, the cloud-native, SaaS EHR solution for rural, critical access and community hospitals.

Improve your EHR experience

Built on more than 25 years of providing clinicians with an EHR that not only supports their daily needs, but also operates with a unified database to seamlessly manage operational aspects, Paragon® is entering an exciting new era.

Paragon Denali, an integrated EHR designed for both acute and ambulatory settings, caters especially to rural, critical access, and community hospitals. It furnishes clinical information and decision support tools directly at the point of care, enhancing clinician satisfaction. Incorporating workflow intelligence guides, this solution facilitates clinicians in effortlessly accessing pertinent patient information and presenting it at the optimal moment for increased efficiency and enhanced care delivery.


Innovation without downtime

Innovation and staying current with your EHR enhances clinician usability and ensures patient safety. How would a major reduction in downtime affect your organization? Paragon Denali, deployed natively in the Microsoft Azure cloud, offers regular updates at your convenience, ensuring your EHR remains current with the latest innovations and regulatory standards—accomplished within minutes, not hours.

Enhanced security and performance

Utilizing the Microsoft Azure framework, Paragon enables seamless updates with minimal disruption to individual components, granting our clients automatic access to new functionality. This, in turn, majorly eases the workload on IT teams, enabling them to work on other initiatives.

Financial Performance

Remain independent

Maintaining independence as a healthcare organization is crucial, not just for your organization but also for the well-being of the patients under your care. Paragon Denali is tailored to align with your organization's best practices, ensuring a predictable total cost of ownership.

Paragon Denali

Seamless care, covering many healthcare settings while facilitating flexible care delivery tailored to the requirements of both patients and clinicians.

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