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An innovative single patient record: Delivering a Platform of Health

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Why Sunrise?

Today’s organizations are trying to advance healthcare delivery, stay at the forefront of innovation, increase service options and improve the wellness of their patients, while navigating regulatory changes and improving clinician experience. By leveraging cloud-capable features built on Microsoft Azure, Sunrise can further advance the care delivery experience while delivering simpler technology that is more purposefully designed with the user in mind.

With Sunrise, your organization can:


Featured insights

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In the most recent state of healthcare report from HIMSS, 99% of U.S.-based health system leaders and 95% of their…

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How BronxCare is leveraging Altera’s Sunrise EHR amid monkeypox

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared monkeypox a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on July 23, 2022. As of…

Medication without harm: Addressing a top threat to patient safety

The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated Saturday, September 17, 2022, as World Patient Safety Day. This annual observance brings…

Addressing the Monkeypox crisis

Monkeypox, characterized by flu-like symptoms and pus-filled lesions, is the latest health emergency to sweep the globe in the past…

Say goodbye to EHRs as we know them

We named our organization Altera Digital Health to convey our vision of elevating healthcare to new heights. Far more than…

Why a “Trust but verify” approach leaves your data vulnerable

In many cases, using “software” today can be very simple. However, software engineering—the process of designing, building and deploying it—is…

How digital change became cultural change at Medway NHS Foundation Trust

At Altera Digital Health, our partnerships are key to our success. Our partnership with Medway NHS Foundation (MFT) is a…

Finding solutions: One Altera associate’s response to the recent Kentucky flooding

“Find solutions, not problems.” It’s one of our core values here at Altera Digital Health. In other words, we want…

Three practice environment factors causing clinician burnout

Clinician burnout is a pervasive problem that cannot be ignored. While this issue existed before the pandemic, research indicates the…

There’s no place like home: Three benefits to hospital-at-home care

When you hear the term “hospital room,” what image comes to mind? You likely envision some version of a room…

Cancer screening and COVID-19: Getting patients back on track

In the beginning of the pandemic, healthcare organizations everywhere limited or canceled non-urgent patient visits. While this helped prevent the…

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