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HCTC: Connection, and client-first collaboration

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At Altera Digital Health, we’re deeply committed to being insanely great for clients by helping them achieve more every day. We’re committed to ensuring our clients are maximizing our solutions’ capabilities and, through our culture of communicating and sharing knowledge, we create opportunities for our clients to learn best practices from one another, as well as from Altera experts. We also embrace the opportunity to hear feedback from our clients—the only way we’ll reach the summit of what healthcare can be is by working together.

In this spirit, I’m thrilled that Altera will be attending the Harris Customer Training Conference (HCTC) for the second time this October. HCTC is an annual event hosted by Altera’s parent company, Harris, and it provides a unique experience for clients to learn directly from our subject matter experts and from each other. Attendees can connect with Altera leadership, learn from industry thought leaders, gain knowledge from our onsite solutions experts, and network with other conference attendees.

This year, we’re meeting in Atlanta, GA, at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis, from Oct. 8–10.

Here is some of what attendees can expect during the event:


It’s an exciting time for Paragon clients as we welcome a new era of the solution. At HCTC, Paragon leaders will share the outlook for 2025 and what our clients can expect and plan for. Much of the focus for 2025 and beyond will be the release of the new Paragon Denali EHR, as our team shares details regarding the deployment of Denali, the security benefits of Denali and Azure, as well as new modules that will be available as we continue to enhance the Paragon experience.

Some of the new Paragon modules that will be demonstrated at HCTC are a completely redesigned prescription writer and a patient engagement tool. Experts will also advise on the use of the current Paragon EHR, including modules and enhancements that our clients may have and not be using to their fullest capacities. As they review functionality that will improve workflows for providers and clinicians, the team will also highlight the tools that integrate with the Ventus products that our clients also may have or would like to learn more about, including Intelligent Coding, Compliance Advisor and Contract Management.


Sunrise experts will be on-hand to share best practices, tips and tricks to enhance our clients’ utilization of different features and functionalities. Our team will also conduct sessions aimed at optimizing existing Sunrise workflows and discussing key updates to the Sunrise blueprint. Attendees can participate and gain valuable insights into upcoming Sunrise features and improvements slated for future releases. Our teams will also highlight enhancements to Sunrise Financial Manager, Registration, Scheduling, Rx Writer and Sunrise Ambulatory, alongside many other important upcoming features and functionalities. In addition, the Sunrise team will also host multiple roundtables for clients to share, connect and learn.

TouchWorks® EHR

At HCTC, attendees will explore the future of healthcare with TouchWorks EHR as we share best practices and strategies. TouchWorks clients will have the opportunity to engage with peers and leaders from renowned healthcare organizations from across the country to exchange ideas and build relationships. This year, the team is pleased to feature sessions led by the Central Regional User’s Group (CRUG), during which clients will gain firsthand insights from fellow users. Explore technical training, engage in dialogue about our regulatory environment and learn directly from our experts on ease-of-use. In addition, the team is excited to share a detailed overview of the new AI-enabled Note feature. TouchWorks EHR leadership is excited to collaborate to enhance the tools and knowledge necessary to drive improvements in patient care within our clients’ organizations.


Equipping Ventus users with valuable knowledge, attendees will gain insights on revenue cycle solutions directly from our experts, learning about key benefits and functionalities. Breakout sessions focused on revenue optimization, user experience improvement and roadmap updates provide opportunities for deeper dives within Ventus. Throughout the event, attendees can connect with peers and Ventus experts to exchange best practices and gain fresh perspectives. This collaborative environment is aimed to foster new ideas and strategies, ensuring attendees return to their organizations with valuable takeaways.

Looking ahead

I encourage all of our clients to attend HCTC for what will be an engaging, educational, collaborative, and fun event! We hope to see you there!


Editor’s note: HCTC is for Altera and other Harris clients only.

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