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Helping independent practices thrive

Join provider practices using Altera Digital Health solutions to meet and exceed their financial, operational and clinical goals.

Focus on what matters: Your patients

Altera Digital Health provides smart EHR tools to streamline your practice’s daily clinical and operational activities—helping you see more patients while also ensuring they receive the best care.

Experience the freedom to practice how you want

Altera Digital Health provides comprehensive EHR solutions that will help manage your practice’s daily tasks through customizable, user-friendly workflows. The power is in your hands.


Efficiency, quality and satisfaction

Altera Digital Health designs and deploys solutions that optimize your practice’s daily activities. User-intuitive designs and streamlined workflows will enable your practice to see more patients and speed up documentation and billing, while also ensuring patients are receiving the best care.

Financial Performance

Safer and more informed patient care

We deliver a single source of patient information across settings with seamless, patient-specific decision support, enabling clinicians’ access to essential patient medication history data in accordance with state regulatory mandates.


Mobile, anywhere care

You need a solution that provides rapid access to clinical data anytime, anywhere. Through our mobile EHR app experience, providers can conduct efficient rounding and remain aware of incoming patient information via our mobile application—helping them deliver care outside the office.


Succeed in value-based care

Capture the quality measures you need to support regulatory requirements, improve reimbursements and succeed in a risk-based model.

Enhancing patient care with a
complete ambulatory solution

Leverage comprehensive, user-friendly solutions to streamline your practice’s daily activities—helping you deliver better healthcare outcomes.


Learn from thought leaders and industry experts on today’s most pressing healthcare topics, including value-based care, interoperability, reimbursements, genomics, and more.

Various computer screens with warning signs
Getting serious about password hygiene

We’re all used to being asked to change our password and to follow various complexity rules at work and home.…

hand holding a mobile phone
Living in a mobile world: Detailed patient data on-the-go

Now more than ever, there is a distinct need for mobile, convenient access to integrated patient-centric records. The delay in…

Laptop with warning signs
Hackers are taking your password seriously. You should too.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Hackers aren’t breaking into systems. They’re logging in,” or some other variation. And it’s…

Doctor and patient
How EPRs are crucial to patient safety

As World Patient Safety Day 2023 approaches on 17 September, we at Altera Digital Health recognise the crucial role patients,…

hospital campus
Three challenges with an outsized effect on rural hospitals

Healthcare is an extremely complex industry that is always evolving, from scientific breakthroughs and emerging diseases to payment reform and…

Graphical representation of patients waiting in doctor's office waiting room
The four-hour wait: How tech design can reshape life in A&E

The “four-hour wait” is a still a significant target for us in the Emergency Department (ED) and, as everyone knows,…

Image of Marcus Perez, Altera Digital Health president and HCTC 2023 logo
HCTC: A celebration of sharing knowledge and networking

Editor’s note: HCTC is for Altera and other Harris clients only. Achieving greatness requires constant learning, collaboration and innovation, and…

From severe storms to malware: The value of the cloud in emergency situations

Editor’s note: After recent events in Maui and southern California, we are publishing an updated version of this blog (originally…

Graphical representation of anxiety screening between patient and doctor/nurse.
Post-pandemic anxiety creates new challenges in healthcare

As of this June, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force is officially recommending anxiety screenings as part of routine checkups…

Graphical representation of patients who have received vaccines.
Overcoming vaccine fatigue and hesitancy

August is National Immunization Awareness month, serving as reminder to stay up to date on routine vaccines such as the…

Graphical representation of Electronic patient record (EPR) implementation
Insights from a digital health leader: How can an EPR be implemented in just a few months?

Electronic patient records (EPRs) are critical tools within modern healthcare delivery and are essential in supporting the recovery and sustainability…

Graphical representation of electronic patient record (EPR) deployment.
Four reasons why you don’t need to take a big bang approach to EPR deployment

It is well known that the implementation of Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems is crucial for ensuring NHS trusts meet…

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