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Bringing next-level
healthcare within reach


Healthcare should be easier to access, easier to understand and easier to navigate. It should work smarter and be more intuitive. It should work for us instead of against us. Because, whether providing care or receiving it, people deserve a higher-level experience that fits and improves their everyday lives.


Digital is personal

Better digital health services and solutions lead to a better everyday healthcare experience. But this only happens when platforms align with people instead of the other way around. At Altera Digital Health, our entire digital outlook is built to fit how hospital staff, providers and patients live, work and interact.


More accessible makes more achievable

Healthcare is not one-size fits all, and taking care of your health doesn't happen all in one place. This is why patient information needs to be easy to access. Because when their complete picture is clear, up-to-date and at your fingertips, it leads to a better experience for everyone.


Reliability and vision give you peace of mind

Healthcare organizations need technology they can count on to protect our most sensitive data, together with advancements in design, delivery and efficiency. That's why we work to create the solutions you and your patients deserve.

Guiding our clients to achieve more at every step

We have a history of scaling digital healthcare


Over decades, our leaders have witnessed the evolution of healthcare technology firsthand. Seeing what's continued to work and where there continues to be opportunity, Altera Digital Health offers a suite of solutions designed to talk to one another, and connect with your staff, the way they should.


Release of Sunrise EHR

Better connecting the chain of care across hospitals and health systems.

Release of TouchWorks

Creating better care connections within physician practices.

dbMotion Created

Creating a virtual patient record to connect providers and improve care.

Eclipsys Merger

A single, simple-to-use platform for physicians, hospitals and health systems.

Release of Care Director

Helping hospitals manage patient care after discharge and reduce readmissions.

Acquisition of dbMotion

Complete patient care managed across health settings, from doctor's office to pharmacy.

Acquisition of McKesson EIS

Improving products and services for hospitals and healthcare providers nationwide.


harris logo

Acquisition of Allscripts Hospitals and Large Physician Practices business segment

Harris acquires robust solution portfolio, becoming the forever home for Sunrise, Paragon and TouchWorks EHRs, as well as additional products and services.

Altera Digital Health established

Altera begins its journey to bring next-level healthcare within reach.

SOLVE 2021

Sunrise Rated #1 for Ease of Use

SOLVE 2021

Sunrise earns the Most Trusted Partner for Community Hospitals award

Black Book Award

dbMotion awarded top clinical data integration and interoperability solution

Business Awards UK

Altera Digital Health UK wins IT Product of the Year

Black Book Award

Altera Digital Health named best EHR vendor for Canada, UK and Australia

Black Book Award

TouchWorks ranked #1 EHR for infectious disease, rheumatology and osteopathic physicians

A new era of healthcare has begun
A note from President, Marcus Perez

A new era of healthcare has begun, and at Altera, we’re thrilled to be on the leading edge. For decades, healthcare has been undergoing significant change, from putting the focus on improving the value of care to ensuring patient information is accessible, actionable and digitally enhanced. Healthcare needs to be taken to a higher place—and we see the summit. Our mission is to design digital health solutions to get there, as well as guide those we partner with along the way.

One of our core beliefs is that healthcare IT should work for clinicians, not against them. Every day, we strive to be insanely great for our clients so that they are empowered to be the caregivers their patients expect and need. To achieve these goals, we are guided by a set of comprehensive core values that each Altera associate embodies to consistently meet and exceed any challenge posed. We’re focused on operational excellence—to be better today than we were yesterday. This ethos creates a solid foundation to illustrate meaningful success with our clients and to provide them what they deserve: a reliable IT partner whose solutions are designed with a people-first methodology. Everyday achievements create positive progress for our clients, their patients and their communities.

Whether providing care or receiving it, people deserve a higher-level experience that fits and improves their everyday lives. That’s why we’re bringing next-level healthcare within reach.


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