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Client Story

Upgrading with ease: A Coastal Carolina Healthcare and Altera story

Nurse smiling at patient and taking vitals

Coastal Carolina Healthcare (CCHC) is a multi-specialty group practice with 15 locations and 487,000 patient appointments per year. Each site upgraded to TouchWorks® EHR 22.1 smoothly and successfully in April 2023. The CCHC team attributes a large part of the organization’s success to consistent communication and support from Altera Digital Health.

When the organization upgraded to the previous version of TouchWorks EHR during the COVID-19 crisis, preparing staff and providers virtually was challenging. However, this time, preparations were smoother as after-hour meetings and CCHC super-users ensured understanding of the upgrade, and they explored new features in the test environment early on. They also actively sought provider feedback to meet staff needs, especially for charge-entry changes in version 22.1.

Clinicians and staff members at CCHC are thoroughly pleased with the numerous enhancements that version 22.1 has introduced to the organization. COO Julianne Willis said, “Providers and clinical staff are saying it’s so much faster. Performance in version 22.1 has improved tremendously.”

To find out more about the enhancements Coastal Carolina Healthcare is experiencing with TouchWorks EHR 22.1, read the complete story.

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