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Client Story

A collaborative partnership leads to a successful TouchWorks EHR 22.1 upgrade

A strategic collaboration for enhanced EHR capabilities

In 2007, Primary Care Partners (PCP) joined forces with Altera Digital Health to fill its desire for a web-based EHR vendor. The organization's leadership sought the convenience of point-of-care accessibility and a centralized platform to store patient data. TouchWorks EHR caught its attention with its customizable features, perfectly tailoring to the organization's unique needs. "When we first started looking for a new vendor around 15 years ago, we were hoping to find a company that was forward-thinking. TouchWorks EHR was really the only webbased, innovative solution in the market," said Michael Miller, IT Director.

By partnering with Altera, PCP leaders were able to send their team to Burlington, where they gained the knowledge and skills to build their new system in-house alongside the Altera team. This enabled the organization to take charge of its technology infrastructure and establish a stronger connection with a local Health Information Exchange (HIE), fostering collaboration and enhancing patient care.

6 weeks to upgrade to TouchWorks EHR 22.1 compared to ~12 weeks for past upgrades
Streamlined TouchWorks EHR 22.1 upgrade process due to improved Altera support
Enhanced efficiency and user experience with TouchWorks EHR 22.1

Upgrading to TouchWorks EHR 22.1 - A vast improvement in support

Within the last six months, PCP upgraded to the latest version of TouchWorks EHR 22.1 and raved about the successful collaboration with Altera. "This upgrade experience was vastly different than upgrades in the past. It used to be a 12-week cycle, but this upgrade only took six weeks for us. We had a very good team and great techs, and the whole process was very streamlined," Michael said.

Christine Miller, EHR Trainer and Developer at PCP, stated that the direct account team at Altera was and still are extremely responsive, accommodating and great at communicating throughout the entire upgrade process. "If we need anything at all, our CSM [Customer Success Manager] and CDE [Client Development Executive] are right on it. They help us work through issues and they are always available. We can call our CSM at any time and we know she will be there for us," Christine said.

"Altera has strong client relationships by actively listening to our feedback. By prioritizing open communication and regular check-ins, they have been able to build trust and provide better customer experiences," Michael stated.

"This upgrade experience was vastly different than upgrades in the past. It used to be a 12-week cycle, but this upgrade only took six weeks for us. We had a very good team and great techs, and the whole process was very streamlined." 

Michael Miller

IT Director, Primary Care Partners

Enhancements in version 22.1

The new and improved version of TouchWorks EHR enables PCP users to access a more modernized web platform, advanced worklist management, configurable charger reminders and much more. These enhancements contribute to a smoother, more efficient workflow, improved patient safety and a better user experience for healthcare providers.

According to Christine, the clinicians at PCP have commented on the sign and charge in the note feature that is back with TouchWorks EHR 22.1. They no longer have to sign the note and then go to charges, which involved an extra step. They can now do everything more efficiently in one place.

"The new and approved delivery of patches for TouchWorks EHR are more targeted and requires no real down time, overnight only. Altera is also working to remove legacy code issues and to improve user experience and system performance. They are implementing system monitoring services and logging to improve proactive responses to issues," Michael said.


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"The first few months of the past year with [Altera] and seeing a few unfamiliar names, it's reassuring to also see some of the same, longstanding partnerships that have stayed on and continued working with us on the TouchWorks EHR product. These partners have been by our side for 15 years, they understand our organization, and they recognize our contributions as we've been front-row adapters as TouchWorks EHR has evolved over all these years."

Dr. Daniel Sullivan, MD

CMIO, Primary Care Partners

An exciting future for TouchWorks EHR at Primary Care Partners

After experiencing years of success with both TouchWorks EHR as a solution and Altera as a vendor, Christine wanted to provide a few tips to prospective clients that are considering TouchWorks EHR and Altera as their EHR vendor. "Make sure that your company has clear and concise goals set. Participate in a lot of site visits to watch the product function in the day-to-day world. You will need a core group of physicians, back-office staff, board members, IT and more to provide input during the discovery process. Having people from multiple departments is key," Christine said.

Michael and Christine conveyed their excitement for the future with Altera, eagerly anticipating what lies ahead for TouchWorks EHR and PCP in the coming years. Their enthusiasm reflects the shared optimism and anticipation they have for the innovative advancements and possibilities that lie ahead. With a strong partnership and a mutual commitment to excellence, they eagerly embrace the journey ahead, ready to achieve new milestones and enhance patient care through continued collaboration.

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