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Client Story

Achieving interoperability by connecting EHR systems and harmonizing data: The dbMotion Solution at PIH Health

Father with his kids and grandmother registering before a consult with the pediatrician at the front desk of the clinic all smiling

PIH Health serves patients across the greater Los Angeles area, Orange County and the San Gabriel Valley. With several hospitals making up this health system, PIH needed a data platform that enabled the secure exchange of patient health information across multiple facilities and organizations.

The primary goal of PIH Health was to facilitate the seamless sharing and aggregating of patient data from different sources, enabling healthcare providers to access a comprehensive view of a patient’s longitudinal record. The dbMotion™ Solution integrates and harmonizes data from multiple systems and connects to the Carequality network, enabling clinicians to make better informed decisions, improve care coordination and enhance patient outcomes.

“The providers are easily able to access these documents from both the ambulatory setting and inpatient setting since it is part of the patient chart now. To be able to bring in that much data and documentation in an intuitive way is extremely valuable to our providers,” said Hendric Minassian, Sr. Manager Applications, PIH Health/Altera Digital Health.

By leveraging the Carequality framework, PIH Health has seen significant improvements in care coordination, patient outcomes and data-exchange efficiency. It has helped overcome barriers to interoperability, enhances collaboration among healthcare providers and enables better-informed clinical decision-making by ensuring that relevant patient information is available at the point of care. Read the full story here.


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