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A mutually beneficial partnership

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Since 2004, the Altera Managed Services team has been partnered with PIH Health (Whittier, CA) by helping them to achieve their business objectives. The team supports all outpatient medical services as well as three hospitals, Altera solutions and hundreds of other products. Also, the Managed Services team provides full infrastructure services, analytics, security operations and runs the system’s enterprise program management office.

PIH Health serves more than 3.7M residents in three counties. PIH is now the second largest Altera Managed Services site. Initially 30–40 employees, the Managed Services team has grown to nearly 120 on-shore and 40 off-shore employees.

Speaking about this partnership, Jason Fischer, Managed Services/PIH Health CIO said, “We have established relationships built on outcomes at every level of the organization. Altera Managed Services’ full IT outsourcing has a track record of successfully enabling all PIH Health’s operational, tactical and strategic goals.”

In June 2022, PIH Health Good Samaritan Hospital went live with Sunrise™ Financial Manager, a patient accounting system that is part of the core Sunrise™ product suite. This upgrade included a review and streamline of charge masters throughout the organization and enables users to direct charges to appropriate cost centers rather than defaulting to central supply.

However, technology upgrades for this cross-functioning team didn’t always come at the best times. When COVID-19 started surging in early 2020, technology was quickly implemented for patient portal members at PIH Health as well as a telehealth platform called These solutions are still in use, enabling clinicians and patients to have safer care. The Managed Services Team provided iPads for both patients and caregivers to connect with loved ones during visit restrictions, providing invaluable human connection during extremely difficult times.

Beginning in the early 2000s, the Managed Services team and PIH have united to provide the best care possible for the patients who need more extensive care, and they have been met with undeniable success. From implementing new, innovative technology to stepping up to the challenge during COVID-19, PIH trusts Altera Managed Services to provide meaningful outcomes for both patients and staff.

At Altera, we believe these outcomes are achievable for all our client partners, and we are thrilled to bring healthcare to new heights. Read the full story here.

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