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Beyond Usability

Clinicians shouldn’t have to adapt to their tools to maintain desired outcomes. A focus on usability can enable users to meet specified goals effectively. A proven user-centered design process helps deliver the right product to meet user needs.

Allscripts follows a rigorous user-centered design process, which enables us to understand the key concerns clinician users have, create innovative solutions and measure the results.

A rigorous user-centered process asks, “What would make this the most helpful for the user?” The answer fuels innovation and goes beyond delivering merely a usable solution, but one that actively helps the user.

A human factors approach considers how humans interact with technology and seeks to improve HIT usability. Clinicians and human factors scientists alike recognize how taking this approach to software development can improve patient care.

In this issue of Next Now, we explore the latest thinking in HIT software usability, take a look at what experts in the field have to say about the impact of human factors, and outline how Allscripts is examining its approach to the challenges usability presents.

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