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Humanizing healthcare: Fighting burnout and bringing joy back to medicine

The pandemic has highlighted several longstanding, systemic issues in healthcare, and clinician burnout is chief among them.

From regulatory-related constraints to inefficient EHR workflows, a day in the life of a provider looks very different than what many envisioned when deciding to pursue a career in medicine. Additionally, the rate of staff departures and early retirements has put even more pressure on overburdened care teams.

At Altera Digital Health, we are delivering solutions that support caregivers around the world. However, we also recognize that no single solution can solve this complex issue. That’s why we developed our first issue of Elevate, “Humanizing healthcare: Fighting burnout and bringing joy back to medicine.”

In this eMagazine, Altera experts share actionable strategies and industry trends that can help healthcare organizations support the providers that go above and beyond for their patients every day.

Topics include:
  • Early signs of burnout
  • Disruptive technologies that will “quiet the noise” in medicine
  • Designing with clinicians to improve care delivery
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