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Human-Centered Design: Where compassion meets technology

"Everything created by a human has been designed. An Indian antique door from the Middle Ages, an outdoor experience created with landscaping, a bicycle, a building, a sports team, a piece of technology. All of these 'things'-these experiences-are designed."

But how does this design process affect the way clinicians interact with health IT?

In this edition of Next Now, Allscripts Chief Experience Officer Jenna Date thoroughly explores the concept of Human-Centered Design (HCD), defines the reasoning and methodologies, examines "Design Thinking" and explains the benefits of HCD to the healthcare industry.

In this eMagazine, you'll get a better understanding of the entire process, with a deeper look into:


  • The basics of Human-Centered Design
  • The importance of Scoping
  • How Research can shape the HCD process
  • The "Secret Sauce" of HCD
  • Ideating for a brilliant future
  • "Co-creating" systems that work

Download the eMagazine now.

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