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Continued partnership success with Springhill Medical Center

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With a partnership dating back to 2004, Altera Digital Health has been one of Springhill Medical Center’s most collaborative and long-standing clients. Located in the heart of Mobile, Alabama, Springhill initially partnered with Altera (then the Allscripts Hospital and Large Physician Practice business segment) to integrate the Sunrise™ EHR platform. Since then, the partnership has taken off and enabled both organizations to reach new heights together.

Managed Services and Springhill

The Managed Services team at Springhill represents one aspect of how this partnership has taken off. The team works onsite to support the entirety of the organization’s IT infrastructure, all Altera solutions and any third-party applications the facility may have. Consisting of 28 team members, Managed Services comprises four main groups: a full desktop team, a full business services team, a clinical/clinical technical team and an integration team. Fostered in a culture of trust and strong working relationships, this partnership has achieved success again and again.

“It’s a long-term partnership for sure, and a very successful one. I view it as a partnership of mutual benefit,” Springhill CEO Jeff St. Clair said. “It’s been a wonderful collaboration for more than 20 years and counting.”

Partnership achievements

A huge success of this partnership has been Springhill’s achievement of reaching HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7. Springhill is not only the first hospital in Alabama to achieve this, but also the first Altera client to do so. Organizations reach Stage 7 by establishing strong analytic capabilities and advanced, meaningful technology in a healthcare setting. Stage 7 is the highest level that an organization can reach, and Springhill first achieved this in 2016, later re-attesting this impressive status in 2019 and 2022.

Another achievement of this partnership has been Springhill’s creation of the first public-facing COVID-19 vaccine clinic. Thanks to Altera’s automation and workflow design, Springhill was enabled to give nearly 30,000 vaccines in the first few months of the vaccines’ release.

Altera and Springhill have united to create healthier communities and drive organizational success. To learn more about Springhill’s relationship with the Managed Services team, click here. To learn more about Altera’s partnership with Springhill, click here.

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