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Client Story

Partnership equals success at Springhill Medical Center

Many factors have gone into building and maintaining this mutually beneficial partnership. "It's a long-term partnership for sure, and a very successful one. I view it as a partnership of mutual benefit," Springhill CEO Jeff St. Clair said. "As a loyal client and a site for prospective client visits, we really bring something to Altera, and Altera brings plenty to us. It's been a wonderful collaboration for more than 20 years and counting."

Springhill has been essential in providing insight and knowledge to prospective Altera clients who are seeking a new EHR vendor, clients who are looking to add a single solution, or those who just need further collaboration or expertise regarding an existing solution. Whether it is a site visit, a webinar or a simple phone conversation, Altera fully trusts that the team at Springhill will answer the tough questions and provide honest and beneficial feedback every time.

"It's a long-term partnership for sure, and a very successful one. I view it as a partnership of mutual benefit. As a loyal client and a site for prospective client visits, we really bring something to Altera, and Altera brings plenty to us. It's been a wonderful collaboration for more than 20 years and counting." 

Jeff St. Clair

CEO Springhill Medical Center

St. Clair explained that new prospects should compare Altera to other big players in the market when shopping around, saying, "I think anyone will find that Altera provides quicker deliverables, a much less expensive acquiring cost, and a less expensive ongoing operational cost. I would definitely include Altera in any kind of consideration if you are looking for a new EHR or revenue cycle service. Look at what the organization has to offer in an actual setting-come to Springhill and see how it works in the real world. I think prospects would really be amazed to see how it is used here, how it is adjunctive to what our nurses and caregivers do, and how easy it is. The training is far less intensive than you would think."

Managed Services: Adding value through strong relationships

A unique and important piece of Springhill's relationship with Altera is demonstrated through its long-tenured Managed Services team. The team works onsite to support all aspects of a facility's IT infrastructure as well as all Altera solutions and any third-party applications the facility may have.

From Altera's Managed Services CIO Delanea Radbourne's perspective, the service brings significant value to both Altera and Springhill. "Managed Services brings Altera and the hospital organization together. We sit in between the two and are advocates for both organizations. We look out for Springhill and bring a lot of expertise to the table for both sides," Radbourne said.

The Managed Services team at Springhill consists of 28 employees that comprise four main groups: a full desktop team, a full business services team that supports all nonclinical applications (such as payroll and supply chain), a clinical/clinical technical that manages upgrades, server builds, report writing, and more, and an integration team that handles all interfaces/integration between all ancillary systems.

The Managed Services team at Springhill is known for its loyalty and dedication not only to Altera, but to the hospital and its staff as well. According to the team members, these factors are directly related to the positive outcomes that they experience in their day-to-day work. "With the longevity and tenure of the majority of the Managed Services employees, you get better quality. It has been helpful to Springhill that we are experts in what we do," Radbourne said. "The hospital trusts the Managed Services team with all of its technology, its patients and its data. The team often includes us in a lot of decision-making for the organization."

Over the years, the Managed Services team has formed a relationship with Springhill Medical Center that can be best described as a well-oiled machine.

"Springhill is different than a lot of hospitals. When you walk around, everyone is always happy and smiling at each other. You see the same faces all the time and you feel like you know them. You go out into the community and people know who you are because we, as Managed Services, are so involved with the hospital. We are an extension of their family," Elizabeth Wilson, RN, Clinical Systems Manager, said.


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Achieving HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7 - A testimony of success

Springhill Medical Center is not only the first hospital in Alabama to achieve HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7, but also the first Altera hospital client to achieve it. Organizations reach Stage 7 by establishing strong analytic capabilities and advanced, meaningful technology in a healthcare setting. Stage 7 is the highest level that an organization can reach, and Springhill first achieved this in 2016, later re-attesting this impressive status in 2019 and 2022.

When explaining what being a HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7 hospital means to Springhill, Wilson said, "Achieving HIMSS Stage 7 is a huge accomplishment. There are a lot of government requirements that are out there in general, but this takes it a little bit farther. It's all about security within your facility and how you are taking what you are using in the system and providing better outcomes for the hospital, as well as improving patient safety and quality care. It's a big deal for our hospital, being as small as we are, to accomplish this."

Every year, HIMSS expands the requirements to reach Stage 7, which means the hospital must work harder to maintain its status. "Once we got the list of requirements, we sat down and had meetings with all of the different departments within the hospital. We let them tell us how they wanted us to present everything to HIMSS. Our department put the presentation together and we were the contact between the HIMSS auditors and the hospital," Wilson said. "We had several sub-committees that we met with periodically to make sure we were maintaining all of the information and requirements that we needed."

The team at Springhill says that the success and achievements are owed to the hospital and its staff, the functionality of the Sunrise EHR platform, and the tight-knit Altera Managed Services team. "Reaching HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7 and being completely electronic enables the clinicians to deliver high-quality, patient-centered care. It also provides the reporting and analytics that clinicians need to properly care for their patients," Radbourne said.

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