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Client Story

Sunrise™ KBMA: Providing peace of mind


After using the same medication barcoding system since 2006, Washington Health System conducted a thorough evaluation of its clinical operations and decided to upgrade to Sunrise™ Knowledge-Based Medication Administration (Sunrise KBMA) in February 2018 at one of its smaller hospitals. Due to the success of the implementation and new solution itself, the health system decided to extend the use of Sunrise KBMA to its larger, main hospital in March 2018. This comprehensive rollout included all inpatient areas such as medical/surgical, behavioral health, critical care, obstetrics inpatient and respiratory care.

Over 34,591 medication administrations with 0 errors in the ED since February 2022
97% successful medication scan rate throughout the health system
Improved patient safety by preventing adverse drug reactions


The addition of Sunrise KBMA enables Washington Health System to experience several enhancements. It improves patient safety by electronically performing the "five rights" to assist nurses with medication administration. The "five rights" are right patient, right medication, right dose, right route and right time. Sunrise KBMA enhances workflows by having consistent training and system views since Sunrise KBMA is an all-in-one system. "We offer both card scanners and mobile scanners, so the nurses have a lot of flexibility when using [Sunrise] KBMA," said Carol Presock, Manager of Hospital Systems. WHS worked intensely with Allscripts (now Altera) by providing feedback from departments to make the process more user friendly. The solution also reduces medication errors by using a computerized system to check patient-specific data and medication orders against an established knowledge base of medication information.

"This has saved us in so many situations. I can speak for clinicians, nurses and med techs, every one of them feels protected and [Sunrise] KBMA is a safety net. It's keeping our patients safe because we know every time that we are giving them the right medication." 

JT Sciascia

Director of Emergency Services

When asked what Washington Health System would tell prospective clients who are considering Sunrise KBMA, Weaver said, "We highly recommend [Sunrise] KBMA. There is a lot of configuration work up front to get everything ready, but once you've trained the nurses and within the first couple of weeks of using it, it runs seamlessly.


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