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Client Story

Providing next-level care for cancer patients between inpatient and outpatient settings at SingHealth

Father with his kids and grandmother registering before a consult with the pediatrician at the front desk of the clinic all smiling

Because cancer treatments are complex and always evolving, oncology clinicians need a robust solution built with their specific specialties in mind. They need a solution that enables them to leverage evidence-based treatment plans and roadmaps, clinical documentation, order sets, cancer staging and clinical decision support tools—all to deliver a safe, powerful and paperless environment unique to oncology.

SingHealth, Singapore’s largest public healthcare cluster, is committed to delivering exceptional cancer care to patients. To achieve this goal, SingHealth has implemented Sunrise Oncology which facilitates seamless communication and coordination among healthcare teams, ensuring patients receive comprehensive and s tandardised care across multiple institutions.

Sunrise™ Oncology enables doctors, nurses, and pharmacists from different SingHealth institutions to access key patient information, such as prior treatments and important notes, ensuring continuity of care. For example, a patient may receive initial treatment at NCCS or Singapore General Hospital but choose to continue treatment at a satellite center closer to their residence. This integrated approach enhances efficiency, patient safety, and convenience.

SingHealth's adoption of Sunrise Oncology represents a significant milestone in revolutionising cancer care. The seamless integration of medical records, streamlined workflows, and customised tools enable healthcare professionals to deliver exceptional and standardised care across SingHealth institutions. This commitment to innovation and patient-centric care ensures that SingHealth remains at the forefront of healthcare advancements, positively impacting the lives of cancer patients in Singapore.

To learn more about how Sunrise Oncology is transforming cancer treatment, enhancing patient care and achieving the following outcomes at SingHealth, read the full client story.

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