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SingHealth is Singapore’s largest public healthcare cluster, and it uses Sunrise to connect healthcare teams across its network of acute and community hospitals, national specialty centres and polyclinics. This includes an electronic medical record (EMR) platform which clinicians can access for up-to-date medical records, and which eliminates the need for patients to repeat their medical histories during each consultation.

With a network of acute hospitals, national specialty centres, polyclinics and community hospitals offering over 40 clinical specialties, it delivers comprehensive, multi-disciplinary and integrated care. Beyond tertiary and specialist care, SingHealth partners community care providers to enable patients to receive the right care at their homes.

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Client since 2007


4,842 Licensed beds


2,640,303 Outpatient visits


448,507 Accident & emergency attendances


33,366 Employees

  • 4 Hospitals
  • 5 National Specialty Centres
  • 10 Polyclinics
  • 3 Community Hospitals

 Implemented Altera Solutions at SingHealth

Sunrise™ Acute Care
Sunrise™ Ambulatory Care
Sunrise™ Emergency Care
Sunrise™ Knowledge-based Medical Administration
Sunrise™ Mobile
Sunrise™ Oncology

Sunrise™ Pharmacy
Sunrise™ Surgical Care
Provation® iPro
Altera Patient Flow™
Altera Clinical Performance Management

"An EMR like Sunrise has made possible for SingHealth in capturing multiple data points in patient care. This allows us to adopt an objective, data-driven process towards the management of patients and in the formulation and improvement of our care plans."

Mr Benedict Tan, Group Chief Digital Strategy Officer, SingHealth

"The digitisation of many of our processes which has
enabled us to implement patient safety features like
clinical decision support and alerts. It has also allowed us to capture vast amounts of data for analytics to improve our processes and to provide better and more affordable care for our patients."

Dr Goh Min Liong, Group Chief Medical Informatics Officer, SingHealth

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