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Client Story

Optimizing workflows in Sunrise Financial Manager


After implementing Sunrise Financial Manager in July 2015 as an early adopter, Springhill Medical Center still strives to ensure the solution is as efficient as possible. The Altera developers collaborated closely with the Springhill IT staff and Managed Services team, working together onsite to create and refine features and functionalities for the solution. Specifically designed to be flexible and adjust to evolving reimbursement models, Springhill leadership was hoping for a comprehensive suite of tools for managing the entire revenue cycle, including revenue capture, billing and receivables management.

A/R >90 days is 16.5% with target being <20%
Improved efficiency and overall reimbursement
clock with gear
Received payments more quickly with streamlined revenue cycle operations


With the automation of financial transactions and the implementation of streamlined workflows, Sunrise Financial Manager helps Springhill with error correction, helping harness more accurate and reliable information. By consolidating clinical outcomes, revenue, cost and reimbursement data, Springhill gains significant advantage in making well-informed operational decisions.

When it comes to features and workflows within Sunrise Financial Manager, Melanie Sigler, Director of Decision Support, automatically thinks of work queues and task lists. "These features are how we handle our workflow from the time something is on the schedule until the claim is paid, followed up on or written as bad debt. It's how we stay on top of things," Sigler said.

"The entire flow within Sunrise Financial Manager from start to finish, and all staff being able to see everything that has happened through the whole process, has helped us tremendously on the front-end" 

Amy Sprinkle

Patient Access Director

The team attributes a large part of its success with Sunrise Financial Manager to the seamless flow of the entire process from the point of scheduling all the way up until discharge. The patient financial counselors at Springhill are also able to tap into the work queues to make sure they receive the full patient picture.

Because of the consistently positive use of Sunrise Financial Manager at Springhill, nothing had to change for the organization to manage its cash flow during COVID-19. "We found that we were just doing our normal, everyday process. We were set up for success from the start," Sigler said.


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