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Client Story

Enhanced efficiency and communication with Workflow Manager


Prior to upgrading to Sunrise 22.1 in March 2023, users at Springhill were facing challenges with optimizing workflows. Staff members were finding it difficult to identify when and where certain tasks needed to be completed. They wanted to have a feature within Sunrise that would help them promote a comprehensive and integrated plan of care, which meant that patient care was covered from beginning to end-ensuring a holistic approach.


When Springhill successfully went live on Sunrise 22.1, staff members-especially nurses and clinicians-instantly experienced positive results due to the new Workflow Manager feature.

The streamlined documentation guide within Workflow Manager enhances workflow efficiency and saves time. It provides Springhill's clinicians with a visual reminder of tasks in an organized manner, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple screens. Improved documentation quality leads to more accurate records that better inform clinicians' decisions.

Quick and easy access to outstanding tasks
Enhanced efficiency and patient safety
Improved communication between departments
Higher standardization of documentation

"Workflow Manager in 22.1 gathers, organizes and aids in my daily chart checks. This feature ensures we, as a healthcare organization, can provide efficient care for all patients in a timely manner." 

Abby Wilson


Workflow Manager promotes standardization and consistency in documentation. This is beneficial for new clinicians, agency personnel and staff floating between units, ensuring everyone follows the same approach and meets documentation requirements.

"As a healthcare professional, I have found the reminders and task-tracking feature in our system to be incredibly useful. With the ability to see how much time is left before a task is due and quickly identify incomplete activities, our workflow has become much more efficient and streamlined," said Elizabeth Wilson, RN, Sr. Clinical Systems Manager.

The new feature offers full visibility to the IT department, enabling customized workflows for various clinical and allied health teams, such as Dietitians, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Respiratory Therapists, Recreation teams and more. Intradepartmental communication is more efficient than ever at Springhill with the addition of Workflow Manager.


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