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Living in a mobile world: Detailed patient data on-the-go

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Now more than ever, there is a distinct need for mobile, convenient access to integrated patient-centric records. The delay in routine medical care brought on by the pandemic has resulted in patients arriving with more advanced stages of their illnesses, exacerbating the situation and making it difficult for healthcare providers to manage care efficiently. And, in the face of this new(er) way of thinking about how mobile care can benefit patients, hospitals are challenged with keeping up with the surge and working with the right health IT to navigate these changing times.

Accessibility that puts at-risk patient information at your fingertips

Hospitals of all sizes are operating at a rapid pace, and providers are constantly on the move. Fortunately, mobile functionality is available. Designed to streamline physician workflows, this technology can deliver providers quick and easy (and complete) access to clinical information, enabling them to provide high-quality care while managing their busy workflows.

When you need access, you need it right now

Mobility solutions are key in driving better productivity and patient care because they empower hospitals to manage high volumes with patient-centric information right at their clinicians’ fingertips. With these solutions, users are automatically connected to intuitive patient lists, with access to vital signs, lab and imaging results, medications, orders and notes with drill-down capabilities to see details and trends. Access to patient information on-the-go also helps to improve the accuracy and the completeness of patient records, enabling physicians to make more informed decisions about a patient’s care. Simplifying workflows with these tools can reduce cognitive burdens and costs, creating time savings, improving diagnosis speeds and boosting efficiency.

"Hospitals are challenged with keeping up with the surge and working with the right health IT to navigate these changing times."Today, healthcare continues to move away from being delivered in traditional settings. A mobile platform provides the flexibility to better adapt to the new virtual environment. Mobility solutions facilitate real-time communication between healthcare professionals to send and receive documents, notes, messages and voice or video calls. According to the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare, miscommunication is involved with approximately 80% of serious medical errors. The Joint Commission (2010) estimated that 80% of sentinel harm events are the result of miscommunication between caregivers and between caregivers and patients. Enhanced communication creates better coordination of care to improve patient outcomes and safety, eliminating error-prone manual tasks.

Managing the surge in patient volumes is a complex issue, and one that requires a multi-faceted solution. Delegate record-keeping and data collection to a trusted mobility solution so that your clinicians can focus on providing high-quality patient care to every patient every day. With the right mobility application in place, hospitals can offer a seamless experience to their patients, increasing both patient and clinician satisfaction.

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