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Reinvesting in your revenue cycle with Ventus

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Patient care is at the top of the list when it comes to priorities in healthcare (as it should be). But the reality is that a close second is revenue. Healthcare organizations, like those of every other industry, must generate revenue to pay their operating expenses such as staff compensation and medical supplies. Failing to properly capture all charges, not amending incorrect medical coding or sending bills to the wrong payer can severely affect an organization’s cashflow and ability to function properly.

In the past, many revenue cycle solutions have rushed their release, eager to become the “next-generation revenue cycle management service.” But more often than not, their haste to deploy a solution resulted in unfulfilled promises and headaches for clients. This has made chief financial officers wary of changing revenue cycle management systems (RCMS) and their hesitancy is understandable. Fueling their reluctance is the knowledge that an RCMS needs to be fully integrated with an EHR to be effective. And it’s no secret that overhauling an EHR system is a daunting task, and one CFOs do not fully control. However, this unwillingness or inability to change revenue cycle management systems could mean that an organization is stuck with an ineffective solution, preventing them from reaching their full revenue potential.

The key to alleviating the trepidation many CFOs feel in this position is presenting them with a solution that has a proven history of success and is capable of integrating with any EHR. At Altera Digital Health, we are proud to say that we meet this demand with solutions found in our Ventus business unit.

Previously known as the Altera Classics business segment, the name Ventus comes from the Latin word for “wind,” symbolizing the Ventus commitment to being a part of the changing landscape in healthcare, and to be conscious and agile within the movement of all its pieces and parts.

Ventus offers two revenue cycle solutions based on an organization’s type. HealthQuest™ is ideal for universities and teaching hospitals while STAR™ is geared toward larger health systems. Both of these solutions offer more than 35 years of proven success and are continuously updated to meet the everchanging needs of healthcare delivery. These solutions are capable of integrating with any existing EHR system, so organizations can benefit from the financial expertise found within Altera, without committing to an entire overhaul of their EHR system.

Although the name is new, the solutions under the Ventus umbrella have a long history of solid performance and high client satisfaction. A new name is just the beginning, I’m excited for what the future holds, and I can’t wait to share new developments with you as they become available. In the meantime, you can learn more about what Ventus has to offer, here.

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