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New Look. New Outlook.

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There’s a new digital healthcare solutions partner — bringing together seasoned industry experts, technology and solutions that have been at the forefront of the marketplace for decades, and a new vision for improving healthcare, now.

Say hello to Altera Digital Health. Putting next-level healthcare within reach.

The name ‘Altera’ is an intentional fusion of two words that represent our mission. ‘Alt,’ refers to the altitude, the summit of healthcare that we take steps to reach every day. ‘Tera’ comes from terra, meaning Earth, and captures our down-to-earth approach to supporting the people we work with and serve.

We’re not simply here to make big claims. Instead, we’ve committed ourselves to advancing technology within the healthcare space and bettering it through everyday achievement.

And we’re not doing it for ourselves. We’re doing it for the frontline workers, healthcare providers and patients who deserve to have understandable, reliable and personable solutions.

This is what our logo stands for as well.

Our graphic mark comprises angled, graphic lines that represent the summit and the steps we take toward it every day. Beneath those lines sits a smaller peak. This orange triangle, the cornerstone, represents the foundation we are built on — of simplifying and grounding tech and healthcare.

You will notice the angles of our primary logo mirror the rising tiers of the graphic mark, while the cornerstone representing our history provides a consistent tie throughout our entire brand system.

With a strong name and logo, we will never lose sight of where we want to take you.

Because we know healthcare can be so much better than it is — it should be easier to access, easier to understand and easier to navigate. It should work smarter and be more intuitive. It should work for us instead of against us. Because whether providing care or receiving it, people deserve a higher-level experience that fits and improves their everyday lives.

Formerly part of Allscripts.
Now proudly part of the Harris Healthcare family.

We are Altera Digital Health.
And ready to partner with you.



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