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How dbMotion helped Fraser Health Authority improve outcomes

As it serves nearly two million patients across an expansive number of clinical care sites, Fraser Health Authority uses the Allscripts dbMotion™ Solution to aggregate, harmonize and display patient data in a comprehensive single patient record. This helps clinicians at Fraser Health gain a complete patient record, reduce duplicate testing and harness the best clinician decisions possible across the continuum of care.

Driving efficiencies through upgrading

Based in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, Fraser Health has more than 25,000 acute users working together on one connected system, rather than multiple siloed systems. dbMotion has yielded tremendous benefits, with users able to access critical information from different locations, regardless of their native or preferred systems.  Fraser Health also became the first to adopt dbMotion 19.2, and having upgraded its technological infrastructure, it also adopted a completely refreshed user interface and installed additional features such as dbMotion Patient View and Elastic Search functionality. The updated user interface in dbMotion 19.2 streamlines workflows and reduces time spent searching for patient records. “When our physicians saw the uplifted interface of dbMotion, along with new functionality with Patient View, they knew we had to have this,” said Rav Gill, Project Manager.

A strong upgrade methodology at work

Fraser Health laid the groundwork for a successful upgrade from the beginning by having a clear plan for communication, integration, testing and implementation. Having a currently strong technological foundation was key. This began with isolating and testing the infrastructure.

In this methodology, a high degree of change management was required. Communicating the coming upgrade to clinicians early in the process, months before the changes went live, was a critical piece to the overall success. During the testing process, clinicians had the opportunity to provide feedback and learn more about the upgrade, enabling them to take that knowledge back to their respective departments prior to launch. Feedback from testing was implemented in the final product, ensuring clinician satisfaction.

Collaborating for success—in the present and beyond

The true basis of the new implementation process was the partnership between Allscripts and Fraser Health. Despite facing challenges posed by COVID-19, the Allscripts team and Fraser Health successfully worked together remotely, with an open line of communication available at all times.

Delivering an upgrade of this scale remotely is no easy task, but Fraser Health and Allscripts proved that strong methodology, testing and teamwork can create a successful and smooth transition.

Read the full Fraser Health client story to learn more about how Allscripts partnership and solutions can help your organization drive better outcomes across your community.


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