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Next Now: Recovering the health of your revenue cycle

Healthcare organizations and practices are in varying circumstances due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Each have different, specific priorities to address.

Some providers have now fully moved into a phase focused on recovery efforts, focusing on reintegrating staff and recouping revenue from elective procedures. Others, however, are still very much responding to the health crisis. They are often treating patients remotely and deferring elective procedures, all while navigating the financial challenges this entails. Most are uncertain how long their situation will last and what will happen in the future.

As the COVID-19 event evolves, providers may be on a path that will require significant flexibility, as certain geographic areas continually shift between phases of response and recovery. This requires all available resources and staff to be used to their full potential. A key to this agility is a healthy and adaptive revenue cycle.

Our latest edition of Next Now discusses how to optimize revenue cycle management, which is critical for providers currently recovering from financial losses brought on by the initial surge of COVID-19, and important information for those who still must prioritize treating patients afflicted by this terrible disease.

In this issue, experts list the key challenges impacting revenue cycle leaders today, both due to COVID-19 and given larger trends in healthcare. They offer important tips on maximizing revenue by making the cycle more efficient. Topics include meeting regulations as they change, adapting to shifts in the market, reducing claims denials and finding the right technical solutions to help make systems fast, useful and safe. Providers also share the financial and operational outcomes they achieved by selecting and implementing the right revenue cycle management tools for them.

As always, Allscripts is dedicated to supporting all of our clients and their patients to ensure they have what they need. Download Next Now: Recovering the health of your revenue cycle to learn more about the revenue cycle management tools your organization can use to navigate the months and years ahead.

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