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Grand Lake Health System

Located in the Grand Lake region of Ohio, Grand Lake Health System, along with its associated health centers, operates as a charitable, nonprofit community hospital. It provides an array of primary, acute and rehabilitative services. The cornerstone of Grand Lake Health System is Joint Township District Memorial Hospital in St. Mary’s, Ohio. Established in 1953, Joint Township District Memorial Hospital has evolved into a leading-edge community hospital as part of the Grand Lake Health System.

Increases ED throughput and reduces patient wait times

12,500 ED visits


131 Licensed beds


705 employees

 Implemented Altera Solutions at Grand Lake Health System

Sunrise™ EHR Suite

"We have a lot of ideas and [Managed Services] help us bring those ideas to life. I don’t think a week goes by when we don’t have a new request in front of them. Some of those are quick little implementations and other are six-month-long, or longer, projects."

Director of Information Systems, Joshua  Miller

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