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Announcing Paragon® Denali: A true cloud-native SaaS EHR

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It is my distinct pleasure to announce Paragon® Denali, a containerized cloud-native EHR.

At Altera Digital Health, our focus is on the consistent, everyday advancement of healthcare organizations around the world. In service of this relentless drive, our team has been working diligently on Paragon Denali.

This new solution enhances the proven capabilities that have been developed within Paragon over the last 25 years and will also provide seamless updates with minimal downtime in individual components. This will make it easier for our clients to efficiently adopt new functionality, which, in turn, will help relieve burden on their IT teams.

Right now, organizations everywhere can experience up to 2–4 hours of downtime every month. As we know, a hospital can’t stop moving for an update. It’s like trying to keep a car running while switching out the engine. That’s why, with Paragon Denali, these updates will occur as seamlessly as possible. With minutes—not hours—of downtime, your organization can keep moving forward, without the headaches.

Announcing Paragon Denali

In addition, Denali provides a lower total cost of ownership than traditional EHRs. Due to the minimal hardware footprint, organizations can minimize expensive technology that’s needed for onsite deployment. Paragon Denali’s capabilities and scope can scale accordingly, ensuring organizations aren’t paying for anything they aren’t using.

With Paragon Denali, your EHR will be configured to your facility and best practices but remain independent. While other healthcare IT vendors want to hook organizations onto a larger system with a neighboring hospital, or lock them in to a one-size-fits-all build, we know how important it is for our clients to maintain their independence and we will enable them to continue doing so.

Another added benefit of using Paragon Denali is its focus on cyber protection. We deeply understand how important security is for our clients, so cybersecurity has been a primary initiative in Paragon Denali’s development. This enhanced security will help clients feel safe while delivering the care their communities need. We’re working hand in hand with Microsoft on Denali’s development, and fully believe they’re the right partner to help our clients stay safe against constantly evolving threats.


Paragon Denali: The alternative you need

Paragon has been helping our clients provide excellent care for more than 25 years, but we recognize that it is time for a positive step in a new direction. We want to refresh and reinvigorate what was often thought of as “traditional.” I’m deeply proud of our team’s work on Denali so far and cannot wait for it to be introduced to the market. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue bringing next-level healthcare within reach.

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