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HCTC: The value of partnership and knowledge-sharing

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As Altera experts (and I) prepare to attend the Harris Customer Training Conference (HCTC) happening December 5–7, 2023, I’ve been reflecting on my previous trips to the conference. HCTC brings immense value to participants as it focuses on learning, collaboration and innovation. As I think about this conference, here are three of the many benefits clients will attain through attending HCTC.

Networking with peers

We all know networking is a valuable way to make connections in the industry, but when you network with peers who use the same solutions, you can also pick up tips and tricks about those solutions that might be otherwise undiscovered or overlooked, as well as connect over shared challenges and ways you might face them. Since HCTC is a client-exclusive event, you have the chance to make a strong connection with another person who utilizes the same solution. We want our clients to have a space to relate and discuss, which directly correlates to one of our values at Altera: to communicate and share knowledge. At HCTC, we will champion open discussion and collaboration to further our clients’ success.

Connecting with leaders

Since taking on my new role with Altera, my—and my team’s—main goal every day is to support our clients as they continue on their journeys. We know that the connections made with leadership and subject matter experts are essential to making our clients feel supported and empowered by our solutions. Altera leadership will be onsite at HCTC ready to answer questions and discuss the future of our solutions. As we know, more access to our solution leaders will only benefit our clients, and we’re prepared to share what we know with those who use our solutions every day.

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Exploring solutions

While communicating and sharing knowledge is a pillar of what we believe and practice, we know that hands-on experience is fundamental to our clients using our solutions efficiently. This is why we will have a suite of Altera solutions available at HCTC, and you’ll have the opportunity to dive in deep with the solution that your organization uses every day—and maybe learn about some you might want to use in the future. If you’re interested in learning more about the specific tracks that will be available, I encourage you to read this blog by our President, Marcus Perez.

As the Vice President of Client Success, it’s my priority to make sure that our clients have the tools they need to achieve better outcomes than the day before, and I strongly believe that HCTC provides our clients with the opportunity to connect with their peers, learn from our leadership and explore our solutions. Empowerment is fundamental to client success. HCTC will empower our clients to achieve more than the day before and set them up with the tools they need to succeed. If you’d like to learn more, our registration site can be found here.

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