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HCTC: A celebration of sharing knowledge and networking

Image of Marcus Perez, Altera Digital Health president and HCTC 2023 logo

Editor’s note: HCTC is for Altera and other Harris clients only.

Achieving greatness requires constant learning, collaboration and innovation, and at Altera Digital Health, we’re deeply committed to being insanely great for our clients by helping them achieve more every day. We believe one of the best ways we can do this is by ensuring our clients are getting the most out of their solutions. We recognize you have a wealth of knowledge based on your everyday use of our solutions and that you may have developed best practices that should be shared with other clients, as well as other valuable feedback for our teams.

Reaching the Summit at HCTC

I’m thrilled to share that Altera Digital Health will be participating in this year’s Harris Customer Training Conference (HCTC). HCTC is an annual event hosted by our parent company, Harris, that provides a unique hands-on opportunity for clients to learn directly from our subject matter experts and from each other. This year’s event will be hosted at the Gaylord Palms in Orlando, Florida.

During HCTC, you can expect a wide range of benefits, including opportunities to:

  • Connect with the Altera and Harris leadership team
  • Learn directly from industry experts
  • Interact with Altera partners in the exhibit hall
  • Receive hands-on support from our onsite solutions experts
  • Network with other industry leaders during sessions and our evening entertainment

Additionally, Altera sessions will focus on our four core solutions and the specific needs of C-level leadership. All of our session tracks offer the opportunity to network with fellow Altera clients, share best practices, learn from the experiences of others and obtain valuable insights into the accomplishments of organizations utilizing Altera solutions. Here’s what attendees can expect from each individual track:


The Healthcare C-Level sessions will focus on strategic discussions, trends and challenges facing healthcare organizations, including innovation, technology adoption, regulatory compliance, financial management and patient care. Content is tailored to senior healthcare executives’ specific interests and concerns, providing them with actionable insights, best practices and strategies to help navigate the complex and rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.


The Paragon® team will be hosting sessions that can help you improve your user experience. They’ll discuss enhancements you may not have had the opportunity to implement, reviewing functionality that can improve workflows for providers and so much more.


Sunrise™ experts will offer a variety of sessions on how to best optimize current Sunrise workflows, while also providing key Sunrise roadmap updates. The team will share solution best practices, tips and tricks to help you maximize features and more. You will also gain valuable insight into new Sunrise features and enhancements that will be coming in future releases.

TouchWorks EHR

The TouchWorks® EHR leaders will host roundtable sessions to discuss and demonstrate the latest modules and the solution’s roadmap for the future. Additionally, attendees can speak directly to our subject matter experts and build meaningful networks to ensure that they can return to their respective organizations with the tools and resources they need today to help improve the lives of their patients well into the future.


Ventus experts will discuss and highlight key benefits of our Revenue Cycle, Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI) solutions. There will be breakout sessions devoted to a wide range of topics focused on how we’re improving the user experience and more. These sessions will also provide key roadmap updates.

At its core, HCTC will be a remarkable opportunity to meet directly with industry experts, thought leaders and executives from Altera, as well as the broader Harris family. And through detailed sessions, we’re confident that HCTC will inspire new ideas, offer sharper strategies and highlight intuitive tools—all for you to bring back to your organization.

Join us at HCTC, as we embark on a journey to reach the summit of healthcare.

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