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In the news: Altera Digital Health and our relentless focus on client success

Amidst a hectic schedule at HIMSS 2023, Altera Digital Health President Marcus Perez sat down with members of the media to shine a spotlight on current industry problems and address the ways Altera is focused on improving client success.

Speaking with Colin Hung from Healthcare IT Today, Perez delved into current pain points plaguing healthcare organizations, including clinician access to relevant patient data at the point of care, financial stability and patient throughput.

During the interview Perez discussed how Altera is addressing these issues and gave a sneak peek into what our clients can expect from Altera over the next 12 months. “[C]lient success is our number one focus,” said Perez. “We have redesigned our client success delivery organization. We are in the middle of redesigning our R&D organization. We have reworked our professional services delivery teams. We are reworking our managed services delivery. All of this is geared towards delivering [to clients] what we said we would do.”

You can watch the entire interview with Healthcare IT Today here.

Perez also sat down with Jim Tate of “The Tate Chronicles,” a production of Healthcare NOW Radio to discuss what he thinks is the biggest concern for CIOs and CEOs in publicly funded hospitals.

“The biggest driver is revenue…Almost 80% of US-based hospitals operated in the red last year,” said Perez. “[A]t the end of the day healthcare hospitals are a business and helping those CIOs and CEOs run profitable businesses is really important because that’s what allows them to provide great care.”

Throughout the show Perez touched on several other topics including how healthcare IT can support the revenue cycle, the philosophy behind Altera’s Platform of Health, a few of Altera’s core values and how they influence our approach to client success and even insight into his personal strategy for staying organized.

Perez concluded the interview with this powerful statement. “Our number one focus is providing the best possible products and services to our clients,” he said. “We have a moral obligation to be absolutely, insanely great for our clients.”

Listen to the whole interview below.

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  1. Mr. Kalpesh Pawar 05/24/2023

    Great insights shared by Marcus.
    President Marcus no doubt is a man on a mission with a clear vision. He knows what he wants. He always discusses on how could he add value wherever he goes. His mantra Relentless Focus is just so simple but highly effective.
    A great President and CEO Altera has got there.

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