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Altera Digital Health: Building our future as an enduring organization

Today, we officially launch the Altera Digital Health website. Providing a comprehensive overview of our solutions, the site also delivers access to many informational resources, including this blog, where you’ll frequently find new material. I’m extremely proud of our team’s hard work over the past two months as we’ve launched the Altera Digital Health brand. This site and our new social media channels (LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter) are some of the first external signs of the changes happening within. At Altera Digital Health, we are committed to building an enduring organization focused on operational excellence. Here’s a peek into some of the things happening internally that are pushing us toward being the best organization for our clients.

Respect is fundamental to our success and everyone’s opinions and perspectives matter.

Therefore, we are first and foremost fostering a culture where every voice is valued and heard. “Respect of the individual” is one of our ten core values, and to me, it is the most important. As we work together to create industry-changing solutions, we must respect each other’s opinions and listen to ensure that everyone’s unique voices are heard and valued.

We will remain disciplined and relentlessly focused on the daily tasks required to drive overall, meaningful success. Personally, I believe discipline is stronger than motivation. Motivation can fade, but discipline gives you the strength to do what needs to be done. The analogy I like to use is the gym. You can feel motivated to go the gym, but going eight hours in one day isn’t going to get you the same results as having the discipline to go consistently, every day.

At Altera, we don’t see problems, we see solutions. A problem without a solution is a complaint. If our team encounters a problem, we encourage everyone to think differently than they have before, to be creative in the solutions they develop. We’ve also been applying this core value externally, with “co-creates.” A co-create is a one-on-one feedback session wherein an Altera designer regularly meets with a client partner who currently uses our products. The two work together to identify problems, and they look at new possibilities for the experience. It is a time to innovate together for a brilliant new outcome.

I also want everyone at Altera Health to feel empowered to make their own decisions. No one will understand the intricacies of a role better than the person living in it. The best decisions are made by the people closest to the challenges they face every day; that is what Empowerment at the Point of Contact means. Associates who are empowered to decide and empowered to act build a strong foundation for a successful organization.

With this empowerment comes Accountability, Responsibility and Ownership. Learning is a journey that’s never complete. And Altera Health is a learning environment. Mistakes are an opportunity to learn, not an opportunity for blame. This goes for me, too. I have made many mistakes throughout my career, and yet, each of those opportunities have been a lesson I can apply as I grow as a colleague, leader, and, ultimately, as a person.

Communication will also be key for us as we move forward. Both internally as a team, and externally to our clients. Proper communication is the key to eliminating assumptions and minimizing mistakes.

Another facet of communication is having clear and direct dialogue with each other. At Altera, we are committed to being completely open and honest with our clients. In the software industry, we will always face challenges, and we are committed to being upfront with our clients and to have solutions on hand to remedy any issues that arise.

Finally, I mentioned that Altera Health is focused on operational excellence. What does this really mean? It means trying to be better today than we were yesterday. If excellence is your goal, improvement happens rapidly. We’re in this together as one team. We must approach this work with a fresh set of eyes and ears, open and eager to execute in a way that delivers lasting results for our clients and the critical work they do each day. Doing so creates a solid foundation for us to not only illustrate meaningful success with our clients, helping these organizations achieve their long-term goals, but to establish the Altera brand in the market as a company that is committed to quality in every way.

I see tremendous opportunity for success. Healthcare is always evolving, and so we will evolve with it. We are Altera. Together, we will ascend to new heights in healthcare.

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  1. Shari Wood 07/05/2022

    Excited to get started!

  2. Freddie Sanchez 07/19/2022

    I’m excited to be part of the journey and help lead the effort wherever and however I can.

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