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Driving better workflows with Sunrise: A look at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust


Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust consists of three hospitals that provide healthcare services to around 590,000 patients per year. Worcestershire went live on the Sunrise™ EPR suite in March 2023 across 56 inpatient wards. This digital transformation caters to the trusts’ needs without requiring national funding.

The trust collaborated with clinicians during the planning period, placing a clinical lead in every ward. This strategy ensured seamless integration, emphasised patient safety and provided the flexibility to configure the system to meet Worcestershire’s distinct needs. Stuart Cooper, EPR Programme Director at the trust, said, “The ability to configure the EPR meant the team could hit the ground running with a system that fit their clinical needs and resulted in a smooth digital transition for users.”

The implementation of Sunrise EPR has brought about significant enhancements in clinical workflows, elevating patient safety standards at the trust. Clinicians now have access to tracking boards that offer a clearer view of patient statuses and empower them to sequence patients based on clinical urgency, ensuring timely care. The system has also replaced the need for paper processes to eliminate the risk of ineligible entries and patient-documentation errors.

To find out more about how Sunrise EPR is elevating healthcare and patient safety at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, read the complete story here.

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