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While we’re a new player, we’re not new to the industry. In fact, we were founded by industry veterans who’ve brought together market-leading technologies. Our goal is to reach the summit of healthcare, together.

Here’s how we’ll get there


We’re investing in digital solutions built to fit people, not the other way around – reducing system navigation challenges and improving patient data flow.

With $30 billion wasted per year due to lack of access to patient information – we know we can do better.

Client success

We’re listening to what people have to say and responding to their feedback to make things work better for providers’, administrators’ and patients’ real needs. Right now.

Because downtime currently costs hospitals as much as $7,900 per minute.


We’re refining our delivery through a better approach that ensures a complete, clear picture of patient health to support better care.

To help tackle the $1 trillion wasted annually on inefficient processes.

What we offer:

Digital healthcare with a
human touch

For hospitals

Start achieving a more seamless experience for your entire ecosystem and everyone in it, with more intuitive EHR, operations and revenue support.

For providers

Find the solutions and resources you need for safer, higher-quality, more informed and more value-based care — to not just sustain your practice but help it thrive, starting today.

A connected experience

Our portfolio connects the best of what you have with solutions you need to improve care efficiency and effectiveness right now.

You don’t reach the summit by changing the face of the mountain.

The right way to get there is by building a realistic, achievable path.

We innovate and evolve to improve the healthcare journey every step of the way.

That’s the promise we make to you and those you serve, every day.

Explore more about how we bring this to life.