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Next Now: Activating Community Healthcare

Community provider organizations are critical to their patient populations. They often cover a large geographic area, where they’re the main source of ambulatory and acute care. Many of their patients are prone to health risk factors or have physical or financial barriers to accessing care. These providers often face financial challenges themselves due to their unique situations.

The use of local population health data, especially social determinants of health, is an especially critical ability for community providers. So is keeping a seamless patient record, ensuring individual patient information is tracked among all provider facilities. Patients, meanwhile, need to manage their own information and maintain access to their providers.

Overall, healthcare systems need robust and secure technology to support their community’s healthcare needs efficiently and safely. The ongoing impact of COVID-19 has only made this need stronger. Interoperable systems are key, as well as data capacity and security. Solutions that assist with revenue cycle management help reduce waste and increase revenue. Patient portals and telehealth options, which have become more ubiquitous during the pandemic, support up-to-the-minute data collection and quality remote care.

Many community providers are challenged by the apparent investment of time and resources involved in implementing or upgrading these technologies. In fact, with a few strategic choices and an experienced IT partner, adopting these is manageable and shows immediate benefits. Cloud-based solutions immediately remove the burden of hosting from the providers and give access to valuable population data, which can be delivered to clinical workflows and drive strong decision support.

In this latest issue of NextNow, leaders from community healthcare systems share their journeys in choosing and implementing new solutions. They discuss how they customized these to fit their populations’ needs, achieved stronger care outcomes and thrived as organizations. Our experts also explore the powerful benefits of solutions like single platforms and cloud technology, tips for finding the right solutions streamlining implementations, and the opportunities community providers have to thrive from innovations they create themselves.

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